Assembled by Driessen

Do you also want to bring the production and assembly of sheet metal parts under one roof? And outsource part of your production process so that you can focus on your core business? Driessen has been producing sheet metal parts for various markets for years, but we can also take on the assembly of these sheet metal parts.

With our many years of knowledge of products, materials and processes, we can assemble your product as you yourself did previously. We’ve already been able to help a number of customers with their assembly issues. And these positive results have led to an expansion of our product offering. We’ve built up the qualities for setting up a tailor-made assembly line together with you. In short: will your end products soon also be “Assembled by Driessen”?

Assembled by Driessen

Our working method

We use a structured working method in the workplace, where skilled professionals work on your precision sheet metal work and assembly.

1. Getting to know us

We discuss your order in a no-obligation introductory meeting, In which we align our mutual expectations to avoid any unexpected problems going forward.

2. Design phase

Our professionals take a close look at your needs. Together with you, we work out the most efficient method for your assembly issue.

3. Order

With our mutual objectives and expectations now aligned, it’s time to prepare your order for completion of the first-time-right process.

4. Assembly

Our professionals design and set up the tailor-made assembly line and assemble your semi-finished products into high-quality products.

5. Delivery

Once the product is ready, it can be delivered to you using the mode of transport as jointly agreed in advance.

Assembled by

What does this entail?

  • Mechanical assembly: your sheet metal parts are mechanically assembled. For this purpose, we’ve opened a separate clean and dedicated space of approximately 400 m2.
  • One point of contact: we will appoint one person to act as your contact, who will be fully responsible for your assembly issue. You can get in touch with this contact at any time with questions regarding quality and the progress of your order.
  • On-demand assembly for shorter delivery times: this ensures that your production never comes to a standstill. In addition, this also ensures that you can keep low intermediate stocks and therefore run less risk.
  • Full-service purchasing solution: through our many years of experience we’ve built up a wide range of purchasing addresses for assembly issues. This network and our knowledge ensure that we can help you with the entire purchasing process.

Leading customers

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Would you like to bring production and assembly of sheet metal parts under one roof?

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