Since 1979, we have been producing thin sheet metal components for a wide variety of markets, always focusing on quality, reliability and flexibility.


Our broad knowledge and extensive production facilities have enabled us to develop into an expert in versatile metalworking. Our challenge is to produce the work outsourced to us as efficiently as possible, at the lowest possible cost and within a tight schedule.

Comprehensive solution

We can, of course, also act as partner throughout the production process, offering comprehensive solutions for complete mechanical (sub-) assemblies. We can also take care of any purchasing, outsourcing and follow-up needed. We have been working with reliable partners in these areas for years.


Driessen uses ERP Business Software from Isah to manage the large amount of production orders and processes.


We continually invest in the latest machines and software solutions in order to be able to stay ahead of the pack in terms of sheet metal working.


As we supply a crucial component of your end product, collaboration is in our DNA. As part of the production chain we know how important it is to ensure optimal communication and planning, so that every phase seamlessly follows the previous one.


Join us!

Would you like to work in the metal industry? Then you're in luck!

We are always looking for experienced professionals, apprentices and ambitious graduates. As a modern sheet metal working company, we offer a fresh and clean working environment with state-of-the-art machines and an informal and pleasant work climate. Would you like to know more about working at Driessen?

Smart Industry

Swiftness and flexibility are core concepts of Smart Industry, whether it concerns greatly fluctuating customer demand, increasing flexibility, shorter lifecycles, a lot of innovations or revisions, or a rapid succession of new developments. It all requires effective plant management.

Lean Manufacturing

Another great English concept. Or, as we in Brabant call it, use your common sense. Doing more with less!
Prevent waste, reduce the number of rejects and create optimal flow.
Because of backward planning, products do not arrive in the workshop until we can finish them in one go.

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