A sector that sets high requirements for the finishing and precision of machine parts. We frequently produce complex housings and/or components for the medical industry in small to medium-sized series. The products comprise accurate tolerances that require a high degree of skills from our employees during setting and welding. Driessen has implemented various special technologies in the production processes for these products, such as sheet distortions, spot welding, press fitting and stud welding.


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High Tech

High Tech is technology at the highest level of development and is used, for example, in the semiconductor and electronics industry. Our state-of-the-art production machinery is used to deliver products for a cluster of sectors.


A great and dynamic sector for everything related to mobility. We not only supply sheet metal work, but also sub-assemblies and complete welded structures for lorries and trailers. We also design customised tanks and floors for an automotive customer, as well as various housings for payment terminals and car park ticket machines.


As a 2-tier supplier in the high-tech heart of the Netherlands, many system suppliers and OEMs involve Driessen in the manufacture and assembly of mechatronic systems. Producing high-precision sheet metal components is a key part of our business and is crucial for products in this industry, which also require a high degree of flexibility.

Machine building and construction of appliances

Manual labour is disappearing in all kinds of industries. Industrial automation and the mechanisation of complex operations are now followed by robotisation. These developments require joint innovations.