Equipment construction

Equipment construction by Driessen

Are you, as a buyer, always looking for the right suppliers for your equipment construction needs? Do you have difficulty finding parties who are specialists in this industry? Driessen is known as a party that can offer a suitable solution for producing medium-sized electronic devices such as charging stations for e-vehicles.

Our commitment and knowledge of materials, structures, processing and manufacturability enable us to make a significant contribution to the quality of these solutions.

Equipment construction by Driessen

Our working method

We use a structured working method in the workplace, where skilled professionals work on your precision sheet metal work and assembly.

1. Getting to know us

We discuss your order in a no-obligation introductory meeting, In which we align our mutual expectations to avoid any unexpected problems going forward.

2. Manufacturability

Our professionals take a close look at your needs. providing input on how your desired product can be produced most effectively. In addition, with their extensive technical knowledge, they can advise on possible improvements to your plans.

3. Order

With our mutual objectives and expectations now aligned, it’s time to prepare your order for completion of the first-time-right process.

4. Production

Your desired product is processed with our innovative, modern sheet metalworking machines and goes through various prime quality checks to achieve the desired result.

5. Delivery

Once the product is ready, it can be delivered to you using the mode of transport as jointly agreed in advance.

Leading customers

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Our qualities

  • We deliver on communication and flexibility: with our short communication lines, rapid answers to questions and immediate problem-solving of issues when they arise. We have been doing this for over 40 years and you as a customer have come to expect this from us.
  • Delivery discipline: we know what happens if delivery agreements are not met. That’s why at Driessen we say what we do and do what we say. This has been our motto as well as our right to exist for over 40 years. It is a commitment that can be felt everywhere within our organisation and is our motivation to do things better every day.
  • Contributing toward manufacturability: and our many flying hours and years of experience in this industry have made us a specialist in the field of precision sheet metal work. This knowledge results in progressive insight which we are happy to share with you. Sharing this knowledge and expertise enables us, together with you the customer, to arrive at the ideal product for your production process.
  • Punching/lasering: as one of the few sheet metal workers in the region, we have a punch-fibre laser combination machine. This allows us to process your sheet metal parts in even more different ways. Embossing, reshaping, marking, tapping and more are possible in a single machine operation; also for materials such as copper and brass.

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Are you looking for the right supplier of sheet metal parts for equipment construction?

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