Interview with Edwin Böhmer, Varex Imaging Nederland B.V.

Varex Imaging is a leading independent provider of medical X-ray tubes and image processing solutions.  The components are used by X-ray image manufacturers around the world to detect, diagnose and protect.

In 2015 Edwin was looking for a new sheet metal supplier. Operating under the name Claymount Assemblies at the time, the company was still in the start-up phase of a number of developments. “We didn’t know much about sheet metal back then,” confesses Edwin.

“We had already been in touch with local suppliers when Stefan approached me via LinkedIn. At that time, the Brainport region where you are located had an edge for the medical industry. You were already able to deal with all the ‘paperwork’ this entails. And burr-free delivery was still an exception here in the region, for example.

After these brief contacts and some visits back and forth, we actually had a good feeling about this right away. In the start-up phase in which we found ourselves, we were looking for flexibility and involvement in our vision for the future. The volumes were low in the beginning, but we knew this could take off quickly.”

Valuable collaboration

When asked about our core qualities, Edwin is quick to answer that these are our delivery performance and communication. “For us at Varex, delivery performance is the most important KPI. Our own delivery performance is at least 99% and we want to work with a supplier who can also achieve these figures.

Communication was particularly important in the early phases. If we discussed things in advance, there was very little you could not do for us.

We’ve since outgrown this initial phase and have been taken over by an American party, resulting in a cultural change and strategy change. Various production lines have been transferred to the Philippines.

Nevertheless, we will never have everything produced there and collaboration between Varex and Driessen remains very valuable for us,” says Edwin. “You will remain our 1st choice of local (European) supplier.

The feeling that we made the right choice at the time was once again confirmed at your open day at the end of 2019. Leaving aside the broad possibilities that your machinery offers, the distinguishing factor lies in the way you deal with efficiency, product flow, workshop design and organisation. And I should know, because in contrast to 2015, I have now visited quite a few sheet metal working companies,” says Edwin.

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