Interview with Sander Mutsaers, Wilting B.V.

Sander has been working for Wilting B.V. for over 20 years. When he started, the company was still located in Wintelre and specialised in machining activities. “I think that’s how we first got into contact about 15 years ago,” Sander remembers. “We supplied milled parts and Driessen supplied sheet metal parts for a joint customer.

This customer asked us to deliver a complete system and so we started ordering the sheet metal parts from Driessen.”

Now based in Eindhoven, Wilting is still a specialist in the efficient production of high-quality precision mechanical components, but it also focuses more on complete modules. Wilting serves European OEMs that are active in high-tech industries, such as semiconductors, aviation & aerospace, food processing, automotive etc.
The joint relationship has also grown considerably in recent times. We are, for instance, working on a joint project for modules that can decommission parts of railway tracks in a controlled manner.

Proactive input

We asked Sander about his experiences with the merger of our production companies, which was completed at the beginning of 2020. “I have to say that we actually didn’t notice it very much, and what we did notice was positive. From my past experience with Kempmetal, I was afraid that the merger would be at the expense of flexibility, but fortunately this isn’t the case.

Communication is still going well. People respond quickly and offer proactive input. It’s nice when a supplier, in addition to saying that something isn’t possible, always comes up with a solution nonetheless.”
So when we asked why Wilting is still ordering from us after all those years, Sander didn’t have to think long. “At Wilting, we seek long-term, solid partnerships. In our opinion, this strengthens the competitiveness of new projects. And for the rest, what you see is a very satisfied customer in front of you. As a buyer, I don’t want any fuss. I want to order something without any worries. And at Driessen that’s possible.”

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