Interview with Erik de Vries, EnzoSystems

In 2008 Erik de Vries of EnzoSystems was looking for a party with expertise that worked with SolidWorks and was very flexible. He found what he believed to be a supplier without slick sales staff but with a no-nonsense attitude. A partner that thinks out of the box and with which communication is always experienced as very pleasant. That makes the distance between Almere and Eersel less of a problem, and the traditional Brabant welcome more than makes up for it.

Many joint projects further down the line, this feeling hasn’t changed. Despite further professionalisation and growth, Driessen has always managed to shy away from being organised along hierarchical lines.

Next step

We recently took a next step together. Complete enclosures for ticket machines are supplied to EnzoSystems pre-assembled. “It taught us that outsourcing some of the assembly process is a process that needs to be tightly controlled by both parties. This takes some energy, but ultimately also brings many benefits,” says Erik. The biggest advantages are that less volume is supplied, that any errors can be intercepted earlier in the process, and that part of the purchasing and related costs is transferred to us as a supplier.

When we ask for an overall mark, Erik gives us a nice 8.5. A 10 would be faultless and doesn’t exist, because it’s only human to make mistakes. But as long as we perform in the way he expects from us, the collaboration will last many more years, he says.

EnzoSystems itself has been active in the hotel market for self-service check-in systems for years. A great development, especially in these times of pandemics! We’re therefore proud that we can continue to contribute to this as a supplier.

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