Interview with Hans van Deelen & Eric de Rooij, RAVAS

Hans remembers it well. “In 2014 we were looking for a new sheet metal working company because we weren’t happy with the quality of the products supplied at that time.” After a lot of preliminary work, and having identified a number of suppliers, they targeted our booth at the ESEF.

“We had a nice talk and it immediately felt like a good match. We just had to agree on pricing.”

RAVAS produces all kinds of mobile weighing solutions and the product range fits very well within Driessen’s production scope. On the basis of complete openness on both sides, this resulted in a great start to a collaboration.

“I have to say that you’ve fully lived up to expectations. The collaboration with Driessen has given Ravas an enormous quality boost,” indicates Hans. “The level at which you deliver in terms of packaging and documentation, as well as reliability, remains high. At the moment more than 98% is delivered on time, ” says Eric, showing our supplier rating.

Working together

“A great frustration in any customer/supplier relationship is the unanswered questions and/or being given false information/standard answers. And in my role as a buyer I really think repeated mistakes are unforgivable,” says Eric. “In that respect, it goes without saying that you have a well-functioning quality management system and a good, tight organisation.

That also fits our vision of the future.” RAVAS has been experiencing strong growth over the last few years and is moving this year to a beautiful new location to better structure this growth. “It’s great that we have a supplier that can meet our ambitions.

One of these ambitions is to involve you in the development process at an earlier stage. Traditionally, the focus has been entirely on the weighing part itself rather than on manufacturability.” Hans is all for working together to achieve this.

When asked for a rating for the overall cooperation, this is between 9 and 10, says Hans. “A 9.2, to be precise,” adds Eric. “That is the weighted average of your delivery performance.” All in all, a nice end to our conversation, so we didn’t ask what we could improve.

Thank you for these kind words, Hans and Eric, and we would like to come and admire the new building this year because the images in the production hall looked very promising!

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