Punching is often, together with laser cutting (LINK LASER PAGINA) , the first operation we carry out on our sheet metal parts. Punching is a fast, inexpensive and reliable technique for making holes of any shape or size in a sheet metal. Punching is a process whereby shapes are pressed out of the sheet metal with a punch, and is often used for turnouts with less complicated shapes.

However, by using a combination machine, it is easy to exploit the strengths of both techniques and the possibilities are endless.


The latest investment is an 8KW Bystar Fiber with automatic loading and unloading system.

Lean Manufacturing

Another great English concept. Or, as we in Brabant call it, use your common sense. Doing more with less!
Prevent waste, reduce the number of rejects and create optimal flow.
Because of backward planning, products do not arrive in the workshop until we can finish them in one go.

Smart Industry

Swiftness and flexibility are core concepts of Smart Industry, whether it concerns greatly fluctuating customer demand, increasing flexibility, shorter lifecycles, a lot of innovations or revisions, or a rapid succession of new developments. It all requires effective plant management.

Other technologies

The knowledge to stay involved where others stop


Should your product be hand-friendly? We have a TimeSaver 42 RB Range and a combination of Walther Trowal automatic rolling barrels and drying machines for deburring and rounding.


A combination of the latest angle benders, state-of-the-art software solutions for off-line programming and our qualified operators enables us to bend complex sheet metal components for you.


Our specialists are experts in TIG welding, MIG welding, MAG welding, aluminium welding, SS welding, spot welding and stud welding. No welding order is too big or complex for us! We have 14 fresh and up-to-date workspaces with professional work tables, four of which are positioned along a track with a welding robot (two are equipped with 1-axle manipulators).

Insertion presses

We have four Haeger insertion presses (up to 4 inserts per workpiece in one operation) for applying a wide variety of fasteners, such as nuts, threaded ends, studs, etc.

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