Smart Industry

Made by Driessen

Swiftness and flexibility are core concepts of Smart Industry, whether it concerns greatly fluctuating customer demand, increasing flexibility, shorter lifecycles, a lot of innovations or revisions, or a rapid succession of new developments. They all demand effective control of the plant.

These strategic developments make increasing demands on us as a supplier of sheet metal work.

Made by Driessen

How does Driessen handle this proactively?

  • Because we have made the strategic choice to opt for a single supplier of our core machinery, the related software allows us to respond quickly to changing customer demands, while core concepts such as swiftness and flexibility have become generally accepted within the company.
  • In 2019, we combined our two production companies under a single roof, at the same time settling on a completely new name and identity. This will have to raise our public profile and help position our company more clearly in the market.
  • We have opted for a minimalist and modern logo as our new quality hallmark. If it is “made by Driessen”, you can rely on it!

Made by Driessen

  • The new name is only a small part of a major process of improvement, in which we will be carefully reviewing the layout and routing, current methods and digitisation.
  • The ultimate goal of this process is to generate more output with at least the same number of people through further professionalisation and efficiency.
  • To that end, we have analysed our current methods and inventoried bottlenecks to enable us to implement improvements. In parallel, we will be identifying preferred methods and information needs. The practical result: Better utilisation of existing systems, motivated ‘users’, savings in the organisation, and, more importantly, a successful implementation of all new systems in the future!
  • As such, it is important to us to communicate our ambitions better, particularly because they are linked to our corporate vision and new slogan. We want to be the #1 sheet metal worker in the High Tech heart of the Netherlands. Not in terms of square footage, turnover or staff complement, but certainly in terms of keeping our promises! As such, our slogan “made by” is a perfect fit for our core values!

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